InitiatePR in Action

We work with you to discuss your needs and objectives, and develop a program specifically for your company.

Develop a consistent news flow

  • Create a regular stream of press releases to establish and maintain credibility
  • Communications should be aimed at multiple audiences, from investors to potential end-users (physicians)

Associate you with Topics in the News

  • Position your leadership to chime in on relevant items ranging from the flu season to vaccines
  • Position appropriate patient stories for the news media

Develop sharply focused messages

  • Apply these messages to website and press releases

Selected Case Studies

Driving Patient Interest in Clinical Trials

Clinical-TrialsObjective: To speed up patient enrollment in a clinical trial that had fallen behind schedule.

IPR in Action: We built local media campaigns for each of the principle investigators in their home communities, inviting patients to enroll. We concentrated on television and identified live interview opportunities for segments that would be longer than a typical news report. We developed messages to make each interview seem timely and newsworthy beyond the clinical trial itself.

The Results: We achieved several media placements that supported patient accrual and helped the trial to conclude in a timely manner. This also laid the groundwork for media contacts and awareness when the product does eventually get to market.

Supporting Prostate Cancer Research

Objective: To gain attention to a new approach to prostate cancer by a client that is an emerging company with no track record and a tiny budget

IPR in Action: We focused on a grant to the company’s lead academic researcher from the prestigious and well-known prostate cancer foundation. This gave credibility to their science and raised interest in their novel approach to immunotherapy.

The Results: We achieved several media placements that supported the company and a feature in a magazine about start-up biotechnology companies. We also reached men with early stage prostate cancer to let them know there are new options on the horizon beyond the terrible treatment choices they may face now

Support for a Rare Cancer

statement-of-principlesObjective: To raise awareness of a rare cancer with a funny name – multiple myeloma – and let patients new there are exciting new treatments available

IPR in Action: We involved patient advocacy organizations in national political discussions about and media coverage of insurance issueswashington-post-logo npr_logo_rgb
We also created a media and social media campaign called Cancer Patient Statement of Principals

The Results: We achieved national media placements for a small organization and launched a campaign to increase reimbursement for cancer medication delivered by mouth instead of IV. We also had a campaign that we could showcase at various medical meetings and advocacy events

Regulatory Approvals

Objective: To support regulatory review of a medication essential for a rare cancer, but that carried the risk of possible future side effects

IPR in Action: We reviewed clinical studies about the course of the disease and drafted patient and advocacy testimony saying with the medication there was a RISK of death, but without the medication there was a 100% certainty of dying.

The Results: The testimony was delivered before the appropriate regulatory committee and the medication went on to be approved.

NOTE: the patient group was our client here. The pharmaceutical manufacturer was not involved

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