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Media Coaching

“I’m in Charge!”

Alexander Haig, then Secretary of State, made that statement in response to a question the day President Reagan was shot in March 1981. The problem is he was not in charge, and the statement was a serious blow to his credibility from which his reputation never fully recovered.

The reporter who asked Gen. Haig, “Who’s in charge,” was our own Stephen Gendel. He is now available to help YOU avoid making the same type of mistake.

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Network Quality Videos

Using our Emmy award-winning talents, IPR works internationally to create effective videos for websites, meetings, fund raising and media. We team with network-quality camera crews and editors to complete your projects with a professional look and feel.

We have multi-lingual capabilities as well. We have conducted interviews in Spanish, Italian and Portuguese


Specialty Videos

Client video written, produced and edited by us to run in a unique, three-tiered format on the NASDAQ tower in Times Square


Creative Messaging

We develop creative ways to carry your messages. We developed the “Cancer Patient Statement of Principles” to express specific messages about global health reforms cancer patients need. We then turned this into a traveling wall-sized petition to be signed at medical conferences and patient events. We even had celebrities sign it at advocacy fund-raisers.