Raising investor capital



To establish a new company as an innovator with strong investor potential as illustrated by a unique pipeline and a strong Series A financing.


Our client’s company was built by acquiring the assets of a failed business. Our job was to position the company as a strong, stand-alone entity and to distance the company from the failures of its predecessor. An additional challenge: what to say about the early death of the man who discovered the potential of the new pipeline and the impact of his absence on the new company.

IPR in Action

We were brought on board early on, before most companies seek professional PR counsel. We soon helped introduce the company to the world via website content and a press release on the Series A Financing.

IPR worked closely with the CEO on business and medical messaging to help make the company’s complex science accessible. We avoided references to the failures of the acquired company, focusing instead on a potential new way to treat depression – a possible $20 billion per year product – and the company’s unmatched ability to develop the drug.

IPR positioned the company as a team with strong management skills and medical expertise, allaying any concerns about the death of the would-be founder.

The Results:

Positive media placements highlighted the potential of this emerging company. This company remains an important IPR client through the development of a second drug and a spin-out company.

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