Raising awareness – E-Race Cancer

Case Study: Raising awareness - E-Race Cancer


To raise awareness of a little known cancer and let patients know that long term remissions are possible with new treatments that don’t have the ravages of typical chemotherapy. Some oral treatments even free a patient from frequent doctor visits.


Multiple myeloma is a little known cancer with a funny name. We did not have a celebrity to go down the typical awareness route, but it was important to let patients know that they had options for long term treatments that are well tolerated.

IPR in Action

We met Don Wright at a conference. He runs marathons despite being in his seventies and on active treatment for myeloma. Others ignored him – but IPR successfully captured his story for a highly effective campaign.

We created a Facebook page and a companion Twitter campaign. We drafted specialized pitches for every market in which he ran and created an FTP site for accredited media that includes a fact sheet, press releases, still pictures and videos. We worked with Don on his messaging at every stop. As Don built on his goal of running a marathon in each of the 50 states, we created catchphrases that found its way into many reporters’ coverage, e.g. “I’m running with cancer, not from cancer. Living with myeloma is a marathon, not a sprint!”

The results

Facebook likes, Twitter tweets and re-tweets in the six figures. National television (CNN twice and Headline News once), national CBS Radio, and newspaper, television and/or radio coverage almost every place he ran.

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